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Our signs are hand crafted in the USA


1.    What are your signs made of ?

       Most of our signs are made of PVC and are weatherproof and UV resistant. The PVC has a satin white finish that is washable. We also make some of our signs in aluminum.

2.   Can I put them outside ?

      Yes, they are very durable. They are light weight and need to be well secured when outdoors, but water and sun will not harm them.

3.    How can I display them ?

       They come with a nylon rope thru two 1/8" holes in the corners. They can be hung from this or the rope can be removed and the sign attached with screws or hooks. Double back tape works great too.

4.   How fast are orders filled ?

We ship most orders the next business day.

5. What about returns ?

    If you are not completely happy for any reason, return your purchase for a full refund.